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Ways to clean furniture at home, proven methods-Practical tips for the home

Ways to clean furniture at home

Each apartment, house, or office building has furniture that differs from each other in quality, technical characteristics, material from which it is made, etc.

It is necessary to clean the furniture from time to time, as dust, dirt accumulates on it, greasy stains appear, which can sometimes be quite difficult to get rid of.

In order not to spoil the surfaces of furniture during cleaning, you should know what products can be used and how to wash it properly. In this article, we will talk about popular methods of caring for polish and other furniture at home.

Do you need to clean Garden Sofa Sets? What are the most common methods? First of all, it should be noted that wooden furniture requires constant maintenance. Wood is one of the most sought-after materials for furniture production.

Wood furniture specimens should be cleaned (dusting) every day, and a general cleaning should be done once a week to remove stubborn dirt. In this case, you should use a special soft brush and exclusively natural cleaning agents.

Incorporate the following techniques for the most common recipes for caring for wood furniture.

Add baby soap to 500ml of water, mix. With this compound, you can start cleaning the dirty areas with a regular cloth. After cleaning, you need to wipe the furniture with a dry cloth.

A mixture of water and lemon essential oil is applied to the sponge and the surface of the furniture is cleaned. Essential oils are an excellent ingredient for polishing furniture. In addition to its excellent cleansing properties, the lemon essential oil has a pleasant aroma that lingers on furniture for some time.

Mix 100 ml of vinegar in 50 ml of olive oil. The finished solution is poured into a spray bottle, gently sprayed onto the furniture, and wiped with a cloth. After this process, the polished furniture will look new.

Mix 50 ml of lemon juice in 50 ml of water. This is excellent preparation for the care of Outdoor Daybeds, which do not leave streaks. First, you need to clean the furniture with a cloth soaked in this solution, and then wipe it with a dry sponge or cloth.

Mix 10 ml of ammonia in 60 ml of water, wipe the surface of the furniture with the solution. This tool is capable of handling even the toughest of dirt.

One of the most popular ways to deal with white stains on furniture after hot dishes is with petroleum jelly. They should treat the problem area and leave it overnight and polish it in the morning.

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